A Visit with the President of the United States


Hello everyone!  Today is a bit of a longer post, and the title is in fact true.  Click the picture above to read to the White House’s blog post about the experience!  On The Mind of Style I would like to share my journey and occurance of meeting the President of the United States:

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LA to London


It’s been over a month since we have posted a MattyRey shoot on The Mind of Style.  The Matt fans have been deprived, I know.  And to be honest, I enjoy working on MattyRey posts the most, and more importantly I’ve missed this guy right here.  Thanks to the talented photographer, Phillip Coon, Matt and I were able to do a post while being in different countries.  Despite the separation across the world, I still love how this one turned out.  Here are the results from our shoots:

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