Singing in the Rain


My friend, André, and I went to China Town in London for a rainy day look:IMG_7713-2

André has a particular, great panache, a timeless style that even makes those around him feel important. 797978 u077979

We were walking along the bustling streets of London when his hat flew off his head and onto the ground.  The hat got dirty, but I think it adds even more character to the look. u989087979797

André always has the greatest umbrellas.  This one happens to be from Foxes. 797987

Hat: Christy’s

Coat: Hardy Amies

Sweater: GAP

Pants: J. Crew

Shoes: Foster & Son

Umbrella: Foxes
IMG_7753-2IMG_7720-2 IMG_7733-2 IMG_7811-2IMG_1533IMG_1531

Raincoat: Calvin Klein

Choker: H&M

Silver necklace: Free People

Sweater: H&M

Skirt: Nordstroms

Tights: Nordstroms

Shoes: Doc Martens

Backpack: Topshop
IMG_1529 IMG_1528 IMG_3186-2 IMG_7768-2 IMG_7767-2IMG_7719-2

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon.

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