Hello everyone, I am back with another blog post with the ever so beautiful Bethany Park.IMG_5968

We went to Holland Park in London to shoot some fun, autumnal styles.  It is a little too chilly to wear these clothes right now, but one could wear these outfits in warmer weather countries or countries in the southern hemisphere.IMG_5977 IMG_5977-2

Okay, I just HAD to post these pictures of Bethany because she is absolutely STUNNING. It was super fun to shoot some portraiture pictures of her. IMG_5974 IMG_5969

Bethany’s outfit would be perfect for a fun date or a casual night out with friends.  I can even see it being an outfit to wear to work (depending where you work, of course).  Throw on some dark tights and you’re ready to attend a Fashion PR meeting at the office!IMG_6010 IMG_6006

At Holland Park in London you may see some peacocks luxuriously trot around the park!  If only he showed his feathers…IMG_5987

Here is what I am wearing.  This outfit is super easy to replicate.  All you need is a patterned dress, tights, lock socks, and boots.  My dress and tights are from Nordstrom, and my socks and shoes are from H&M.IMG_6002

My secret to completing an outfit is wear accessories.  This bow is from H&M. IMG_6018

So I know it looks sunny, but I threw on a raincoat because weather can be unpredictable at times!IMG_6021 IMG_6026

Did I pose super hardcore for this? Yes.  Thanks for reading this post.  I can’t wait to share new content with you guys!! <3 unnamed-1

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