One Year Later

Long time, no post!

IMG_4260-2July 16th is a very special date for me.  Today we are celebrating the one year anniversary of The Mind of Style:IMG_7469-2

One year ago, I was so thrilled to launch my blog.  I had been thinking about starting a blog for years, and when it finally launched I was over the moon.  Although nervous, I received so much love and support from all my friends and family.  Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

My overall goal when creating The Mind of Style was to inspire others and encourage positive self-esteem and confidence.  For that reason, I like to feature people in my life who are unique and special their own way.  When you wear something  you love, it can add happiness to your life.  Anyone can use fashion and style to express themselves and boost self-confidence, and I hope you found that in my blog posts this past year.

And now for the party:

Now that I did this I think everyone should start throwing themselves parties every once in a while…IMG_7463-2 IMG_7464-2This may look like it was easy, but my team (thx mom) and I wanted to make everything look beautiful for this shoot— I’m talking helium tanks, birthday treats, hats and tiaras—.  And as usual on TMOS this was a rushed session as we set up the shoot in nearly 15 minutes, 45 minutes before the sun went down…Talk about crunch time…


A classic photo of me struggling to model

But don’t be fooled, I was actually celebrating and having a good time at my solo party.  I wore my favorite Sherri Hill dress with some metallic heels:
IMG_4253-3This empire waist-party dress is one of my favorite looks because it complements every figure.

IMG_4257-2 IMG_4251-3

The cake is from 85°C Bakery Cafe and the gluten-free cupcakes are from 2Good2B Bakery.  The rest of the decorations are from Party City.

IMG_4258-2 IMG_7575-2 IMG_4131-2IMG_3962-3 IMG_7467-2

I hope you enjoyed this raw photo shoot.  I wanted to keep it fun, celebratory, and natural.  Thank you for all the endless love and continuous support.  I love you all and appreciate my friends, family, and those who just enjoy the blog. Until next time!  Cheers to one year and many more!


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