London in Full Bloom

Hello everyone! I’m posting something a little different on TMOS.  My friends and I decided to have a more creative photoshoot.  Here are the results:

Most of the time when I’m in the mood to shoot for the Mind of Style I wake my roommate up and tell her we are going out.  We always bring our other friend (and my ex-roommate) with us as well.  It’s a team effort.We also usually never know where we are going until we decide to do a TMOS shoot.  This time, we were marching down our neighborhood when my eye hooked onto these pink flowers.  I knew we had to stop right to take pictures.  This is why I love springtime in London.  It’s gloomy and bright at the same time, which makes for gorgeous photos (and the fact that Vanessa is beautiful).

It started from one, flowered tree to the next.  We were hooked.  Immediately I forced Vanessa to stand in front of these yellow flowers.  (I had no objections from her because yellow happens to be Vanessa’s favorite color).  We had so much fun shooting these pictures, our favorite being the last action shot. Disclaimer: no alive flowers were hurt in the making of this photo. 😉

The fashion highlights from Vanessa’s look are the rusty, corduroy jacket and the jewelry.  Vanessa bought this jacket from Topshop, and the jewelry is a mix of my collection.  The rosary was a gift from my best friend’s mom (love), the elephant necklace was from Fashion 5, and the circle medallions are from Anthropology.  Ah, the beautiful Kelly.  I am hooked on all the colors in these shots– the blue, green, pink…Vanessa and I love to style Kelly for Mind of Style shoots.  Vanessa will do her makeup, we trade off on hair (Vanessa mostly), and I dress her in some Mind of Style clothes and accessories. hjgh

Here is what Kelly wore for this shoot:

Headband: Free People

Necklaces: (multiple places)

Shirt: Free People

Pants: Topshop

These are my favorite shots from the shoot.  IMG_1686-2This is my look for the day.  I cannot get enough of these light, blue jeans for the springtime.  For London weather (windy but slightly warmer) chunky cardigans are easy to wear, but since this knit cardigan is dark I paired it with a bright, white shirt. IMG_0576-2My light pink shoes are from ASOS.  I love these shoes because they are super feminine and playful, which is perfect for the season.  bfskbksdfkjsb

Cardigan: Nordstrom

Shirt: Men’s t-shirt from Target

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: ASOS


These photos were all inspired by our favorite filter on VSCO, the kk2 preset.  We hope you enjoyed this post!  See you soon!

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