Hampton Court Palace

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Welcome to the Mind of Style!  Today on the blog, we went to Hampton Course Palace in London.

IMG_7889When I first came to London, I knew I had to visit Hampton Court Palace due to my fascination with King Henry VIII. Naturally I did what any individual would do: bought my friends’ tickets and dragged them along. But hey?  We had a glorious time and ended up doing a photoshoot while we were out.  Check out some of the shots:IMG_7901This is Vanessa.  She’s DANGEROUS.  Why? Because of her killer look, of course.  And those curls.

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Walking inside the gates, the palace had several wooden figures that modeled what they may have been doing at the palace during the time when it was used for King Henry VIII and William and Mary.  This guy was my favorite.  Why, you may ask?  Because he just sat on a bench holding a pitcher of water.  Who doesn’t love a guy who’s committed to hydration?

Here’s what I wore to Hampton Court:

IMG_9547 (1) IMG_0923 (1)Okay, here are a few Mind of Style classic rules:

  1. When in doubt, wear black and grey.
  2. Also were high heel booties; they will make you feel confident.
  3. Wear your favorite jewelry.  In this case you’ve seen this necklace from Free People on me a million times, but it always completes a look!
  4. If you feel like your outfit is boring or too neutral, add a pop of color (hence my BRIGHT, red purse).

IMG_1603-1 IMG_1599-1IMG_1605-1

This is my baby girl V.  She is also my current roommate (and the easiest person to live with).  She also is always my biggest supporter with the Mind of Style. <3 Thank you!IMG_1604-1 IMG_1607-1IMG_1606-1 IMG_1608-1 IMG_8128Check out this beauty!!! She slays me every time. IMG_8114 IMG_8129 IMG_8247This is Kelly.  We are ex-roommates (haha) but the greatest of friends!  Kelly can make your day instantly brighter.  She’s silly, entertaining, lovable, and beautiful.  We actually still consider each other roommates because you’ll always find her hanging out in our room.  Check out my post here to see more of her!sfdfdfThis was too funny not to share!

I forgot to mention she is also a MODEL. Well, sort of.IMG_8254 IMG_8157 IMG_8289 I hope you enjoyed this post on the Mind of Style.  See you soon!


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