Dreaming about Copenhagen

IMG_5364In February this year I went on a little trip to Copenhagen.  Check out my adventures and what I wore:

IMG_3578-2For those of you who may not know me, I am currently living in London for university.  I’m from Southern California, and I was told by Europeans that I wasn’t “well-traveled.”  This is because when I go on holiday I typically stay in the Pacific.  But not anymore, my friends.  When I came to the UK, I capitalized on the opportunity that London gave me quicker access to many places.  If only I could hop from one country to another….   I have been to several major cities this school year, but Copenhagen definitely took a piece of my heart. IMG_8449-2This is the classic, scenic view of Nyhavn in Copenhagen.  Okay, these are a few words to describe the trip: FREEZING, beautiful streets, romantic, clean, yummy food, BEAUTIFUL (but all white) people, Joe & the Juice, Christianshavn, Belgian Waffles.   Sounds strange? I will explain.  But first, here is Vanessa’s look:IMG_6015 sdssaIMG_6797 IMG_0213Look at this queen.  It was Vanessa’s birthday when we went on this trip, so like the queen she is she wore her crown and royal sector.  Trust me, even the prince of Copenhagen was searching for her.

Vanessa’s outfit:

Dress: Topshop

Tights: H&M

Boots: Jeffery Campbell

Choker: H&M

Long necklace: Free People

Coat: Banana Republic

Vanessa’s Instagram
dsdsd IMG_5043

Our friend, Brentan, came along with us on this trip.   This is what he wore:

IMG_8723-2A little background info about Brentan: he’s loud, funny, loud, and SO SMART. Want to know why every snowflake has a different pattern? Ask Brentan.  Wondering what a Gigantopithecus is? Ask Brentan (or Google it).  He can even tell you where babies come from.IMG_8748-2 ffsdfdf IMG_8758-2

Brentan’s Outfit:

Beanie: Neff

Shirt: Zara

Sweater: Banana Republic

Pants: Levi’s

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Socks: Calvin Klein

Underwear: Versace

Belt: Express

Watch: Michael Kors

Brentan’s Instagram 

Here is what I wore:

IMG_1270 IMG_0454 IMG_1368 IMG_2442 IMG_3166 IMG_7604 IMG_6170

Sweater: Free People

Skirt: Target

Tights: Nordstrom

Boots: H&M

Necklace: Free People

We did SO many things while we were here.  Because we were so busy, I didn’t have time to take so many photos.  These are just some of the highlights:IMG_8428-2Okay so I am not really sure if we have Joe & the Juice in America, but in Europe it is in several different cities.  There was a Joe & the Juice at every corner in Copenhagen.   This business has several requirements for its employees, among these being hot, hot, and HOT.  You’re not a hot boy? Sorry, you lost the job.  Wild. What a business tactic to reel in the customers!  Clever little Danish people.  I was told that people in Scandinavia were beautiful, but I was stunned when I came here.  They take this stuff seriously.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

We also went to a sushi bar and had some exotic looking food.  It tasted like money. Why? Because it drained my debit card.  HOWEVER, the sushi was still irresistible. I mean it looked like Christmas (and it felt like it).

IMG_3398 IMG_3393 IMG_3390CHRISTMAS. IMG_3386 We also explored a town called Christianshavn, and we were shocked to find out there’s some sketchy business going on here…But it was nonetheless a great adventure! P.S. This is a picture of Alex.  She is our friend who is from Southern California but lives in Paris.IMG_3351Okay this is a super famous church here in Copenhagen known as Frederik’s Church.  My danish friend, Cajsa, translated this for me up above.  Let’s hope I wrote it correctly.IMG_3358 IMG_3350 This is my danish friend, Cajsa!  She is so beautiful, wise, and strong.  She moved back to Copenhagen after living in Southern California for high school.  It was so fun seeing her and catching up.IMG_8389-2We also attempted to take cute hand holding pictures while we were in Copenhagen but we ended up looking lost and confused.  #goals?IMG_8377-2Just a picture of the gang (without me and Alex).IMG_8403-2

And now I leave you with this picture.  It sums up our trip.  I hope you enjoyed this more humorous post with our looks.  See you soon!Blank Print Document

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