A Visit with the President of the United States


Hello everyone!  Today is a bit of a longer post, and the title is in fact true.  Click the picture above to read to the White House’s blog post about the experience!  On The Mind of Style I would like to share my journey and occurance of meeting the President of the United States:

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Since I left Southern California to momentarily live in London, I have experienced a slight twist of cooler climate; therefore, I already have the autumn spirit.  However, I have been desperately wanting to show you this summery cream, lace dress.  With the closure of summer (for some) and the awakening of autumn I thought I’d end this season with a special look.

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Finding Neverland



Hello everyone!  When in New York, broadway shows are a must.  We were fortunate to see Finding Neverland and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.   While I absolutely adored the latter play the most, I enjoyed the magic of Finding Neverland.  I have always been a huge Disney/Peter Pan fan, and I liked the film adaption of Finding Neverland, so I was extremely excited to see this play.  Here is what I wore to the show:

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