Two Years Later

Winged eyeliner, loose curls, red lipstick, diamonds, slick-back ponytails, pearls: all things I consider timeless and versatile. I haven’t been around for long, but as my fashion evolves, as trends change, I find that these few styles could never lead you astray.

On The Mind of Style’s two year anniversary, we used those timeless and versatile looks to celebrate the evolution of those who are always present on the blog, and to celebrate the authenticity of everyone featured. We wanted our celebration to transcend any fashion barrier, so we paired our looks with a little red velvet, balloons, and champagne!

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A Visit with the President of the United States


Hello everyone!  Today is a bit of a longer post, and the title is in fact true.  Click the picture above to read to the White House’s blog post about the experience!  On The Mind of Style I would like to share my journey and occurance of meeting the President of the United States:

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Since I left Southern California to momentarily live in London, I have experienced a slight twist of cooler climate; therefore, I already have the autumn spirit.  However, I have been desperately wanting to show you this summery cream, lace dress.  With the closure of summer (for some) and the awakening of autumn I thought I’d end this season with a special look.

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Finding Neverland



Hello everyone!  When in New York, broadway shows are a must.  We were fortunate to see Finding Neverland and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.   While I absolutely adored the latter play the most, I enjoyed the magic of Finding Neverland.  I have always been a huge Disney/Peter Pan fan, and I liked the film adaption of Finding Neverland, so I was extremely excited to see this play.  Here is what I wore to the show:

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