Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am a fashion enthusiast from Southern California.  I lived in the UK for a year to pursue my educational goals, and now I am currently located in Santa Barbara.  I am far too easily drawn to a good book, a hot cup of of tea, a pen, paper, and journals.


This photo was taken by the talented Michelle Lillywhite. Check out Lillywhite Photography!

I stared The Mind of Style because I enjoying channeling my creativity through styling and fashion, thus, I like to design, create, and share my style with others.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts as well as gain some insight or advice about what to wear to a beach party, a night in the city, or even everyday casual wear.  My goal is to explore the world of fashion (and other passions) with all of you.  Thank you for exploring and coming on this journey with me!  It means the world.  I hope you enjoy.


You can find my social media links on the right side of the main home page, and for any further inquiries you can e-mail me at themindofstyle@gmail.com.  Thank you!


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