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We are two young and driven fashion enthusiasts from Southern California eager to channel our creative energy into a fashion blog! After meeting during our year abroad in the UK pursuing our educational goals, we brought our love for fashion back home to Los Angeles and the Greater Area of San Diego.

The Mind of Style attempts to express creativity through styling and fashion, in addition to being invested in design, creation, and sharing of style with others. We consider fashion a free flowing form of expression, a wearing of art, something that can’t be easily replaced by any other medium. It’s about you and how it makes you feel. Growing up, falling in love with clothes, makeup, and the world of beauty, we saw how they empowered those around us. As we got older, the personal experience that fashion can be suddenly transformed into a sharing of passion, expression, and art, something that can be infinitely more beneficial.

Through this blog and other mediums, we intend to empower others to feel just as great in their clothes, and their skin, as we have grown to feel in ours. We hope to provide readers, even if just for the time it takes them to scroll through this page, with a place where they’d know that however they want to present themselves, is exactly the way they should.

Regardless of where you are, who you are, or whatever label society may want to give you, you should always execute your vision.

To make this a little more personal, we want you to get to know a little bit more than just our faces and our clothes!

Hello!  My name is Rachel Gorgas and I am the founder of The Mind of Style.  

The idea of The Mind of Style was rooted in my love for fashion, photography, and creative content.   

Fond memories of my childhood consisted of the late nights my mom would spend sewing together dresses and costumes perfectly stitched with style and originality. I would look forward to our new projects: going to Joanns, looking through myriad patterns, picking out fabric, and learning how to sew together different fabrics together to create a new look.  But style is taught and I began to look up to classic fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Coco Chanel, Diana Ross, and Sophia Loren.  As for photography, I have always been fascinated by the art of media production.  There was never a camera in the house that I didn’t sooner or later claim, and if I had a camera with me I was always using it.  I took some photography classes while I was homeschooled for less than a year (s/o to all the kids that go through that) and I was shortly after hooked by the possibility of multiple stories I could tell through a lens.

Throughout my high school experience I focused mostly on my academic interests such as history, literature, business, and entrepreneurship, but I always used fashion and photography as stress relief hobbies in which I could channel my creative outlet to inspire others. In hopes of putting it all to use, it took a year for me to research designing and building a blog before creating this site.  The name of the blog is very important to me, because fashion, style, and dressing well represents how your cognitive abilities can translate your inner beauty into the way you present yourself to the world.  I hope you enjoy reading our posts as well as gain some insight or advice about what to wear to a beach party, a night in the city, or even everyday casual wear.  Our goal is to explore the world of fashion (and other passions) with all of you.  Thank you for exploring and coming on this journey with us!  It means the world.  

Vanessa Walther-Meade has supported and believed in TMOS throughout its journey for the past two years.  Her willingness to help, grow, and learn proves so much of her grit and tenacity, but ultimately it was her gifted writing skills and bomb modeling skills that won me over indefinitely.  Without further ado I introduce you to the fashion queen, my partner in crime, muse, and best-friend: Vanessa Walther-Meade.

Now that the heart and soul of The Mind of Style has made her introduction, I will do my best to follow. My name is Vanessa and I joined Rachel on this incredible project in the summer of 2017. After two years of photographing her effortless looks in the parks of London, advising her on the perfect shade of lipstick on the beaches of Morocco, and doing my fair share of death defying stunts atop LA skylines to get the shot, I finally weaseled my way into Rachel’s heart, and after being courted, accepted her offer into the fashion blogging world.

When it comes to fashion, I believe we should be able to have the best of all worlds. The love I have for my recklessly cropped, vintage Playstation sweatshirt, alongside my perfectly cinched pair of adidas sweats, is no greater than the love I have for my plunged neckline ruby red-laced romper. In my world, a questionable middle-part low pony, is just as appreciated as flawless, bouncy Beyonce curls. A great pair of soccer cleats is not outdone by my favorite pair of strappy-olive green Steve Madden heels. The world of fashion is a world where anything goes, a world that I have always wanted to be a part of. When everything else goes wrong, I have always found comfort in the happiness in a meticulously coordinated outfit, an afternoon photoshoot with my best friend, a trip to the mall with my mom, and everything else the world of fashion has to offer. I hope you can find that happiness, whether that be in your every day life, in the string of words that form my sentence, in a stunningly photographed skyline by Rachel, I hope it brings you happiness and love.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, we appreciate you more than you know!

You can find our social media links on the right side of the main home page, and for any further inquiries you can e-mail us at themindofstyle@gmail.com.

With love,

Rach and V

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